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Comic Writing With Make Beliefs Comix

May 17, 2010

Have you ever thought about introducing comic strip writing into your classroom? If you haven’t you may change¬† your mind after you take a look at http://www.makebeliefscomix.com.¬† Make Beliefs Comix was introduced to me by Dan Papa, MS Social Studies teacher in our district. After spending some time exploring this new resource i felt compelled to share it with you.

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This site allows any user to create a multi-strip comic. There are a number of characters, emotions, thought bubbles,speaking balloons and background colors to choose from. Students can organize the characters on each strip and add text. They have some controls with regards to layout of the characters within the strip.

After adding the content to the comic the students have the option to print the final comic or email it. By using the print screen command on the keyboard the students can also paste the comic into word or PowerPoint.

This site has a number of applications for education. The website has a page of resources that lists 21 classroom integration ideas. Some of my favorites are listed below:

  • Have students create a comic as a first day back project to discuss their summer.
  • Students create a comic that depicts a conversation between characters in a story or historical figures.
  • Teachers create comics with various emotions to teach behaviors to special needs students.
  • Students create a comic to kick off a creative writing assignment.
  • Students create a comic using new vocabulary words that are being taught.
  • Students in a world language course may create a comic that contains text written in the language studied.
  • Have students create a comic to demonstrate knowledge of life skills such as speaking with a bank teller, ordering at a restaurant, speaking with a doctor or going on an interview

I hope you enjoy this great resource. I would like to thank Mr. Papa for introducing it. If you use this site please let us know how you used it by leaving a comment below.

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One Response to Comic Writing With Make Beliefs Comix

  1. Bill Zimmerman on December 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Dear Mr. Walker,
    Thank you so much for sharing our site, MakeBeliefsComix.com, with your readers. I am so glad you find the site useful, and would welcome any suggestions you and your readers might offer to help make the site more useful and fun for youngsters. Such information is very useful to us. I’d love to hear how you and your readers are using it with your students.
    All good wishes,
    Bill Zimmerman
    Creator, MakeBeliefsComix.com

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