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Archive for May, 2009

>Math Facts Websites

May 26, 2009

>I have assembled a list of websites that offer games to practice math facts. I posted these sites on my wiki. The link is Math Facts Websites I you have any recommended additions please add a comment to this blog posting with the name and website address. Enjoy! Tweet This Post
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>Create a Booklet

May 21, 2009

>I came across this site recently. It is called Booklet Creator and can be found at http://bookletcreator.com/ Booklet creator will take any PDF document that you upload to it and convert it to a multipage booklet. You can select the number of pages and size. This could be a great resource for teachers and...
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>Interactive Whiteboard Sites for Music

May 18, 2009

>I added a number of new interactive sites for music to be used on an interactive whiteboard. Please visit the interactive whiteboard page on my wiki. Tweet This Post
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>Thirty Eight Interesting Ways To Use Your Interactive Whiteboard

May 15, 2009

>Here is a presentation that lists 38 interesting ways to use your interactive whiteboard. http://docs.google.com/Present?docid=dhn2vcv5_106c9fm8j Tweet This Post
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>Interactive Benjamin Franklin Timeline

May 13, 2009

>The Benjamin Franklin Timeline is an interactive exhibit developed for the Benjamin Franklin traveling library exhibit. The interactive timeline contains images, text, animation and interactive exhibits. This is a good resource for an interactive white board. http://www.benfranklin300.org/timeline/index.html You can also check out the main site www.benfranklin300.org. Here you can view an online exhibit developed...
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>New Google Search Options – Timeline, Map and Info

May 11, 2009

>Google has introduced some new experimental search features. See results on a timeline, map, or in context of other information types. With these views, Google’s technology extracts key dates, locations, measurements, and more from select search results so you can view the information in a different dimension. Timeline and map views work best for...
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>Interactive Whiteboard Resources

May 7, 2009
>Interactive Whiteboard Resources

>As promised I will be providing everyone with interactive white board resources. I have organized a number of resources on my wiki . There you will find resources and training materials for all grade levels. In this posting I would like to highlight one resource in particular. It can be found here http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/15.cfm?s=15. This...
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