Welcome To Our Faculty And Student Blogs

Jefferson Township Public Schools is proud to announce the addition of a WordPress Multi-User Blog Server to our network infrastructure. The wordpress blog server is currently available for faculty members to create a class blog. The blogs that our faculty members create will be used primarily as a teacher webpage.

Our goal for the school year is to introduce the wordpress blog server to our faculty and administrators. Faculty members in our High School will be working to develop webpages using this tool. Since this is the first roll-out of this new tool we expect to experience some glitches along the way. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your concerns, recommendations, and any bugs you notice in the software.

Blogs offer a number of tools that have phenomenal implications for instruction. Faculty members can post homework, class news, and links. Video, Audio, Images and text are all able to be posted in a blog post. Our current blog server also allows for threaded discussions, password protected posts, moderated comments, and the creation of pages. For more information and additional features please visit our features page.

We hope that parents and students use these blogs to stay informed and continue the process of learning beyond the school day, and beyond school walls. Part of that process is two-way. For some blog posts you encounter, you will notice that comments are now available. We encourage you to have a “conversation” through blogs, extending their use and functionality. For private messages to teachers, however, we’d recommend using e-mail. The posting of your comments is at each teacher’s discretion, and comments that contain personal information or violate our acceptable use policy will not be posted.

To learn more about our decision to move implement blogs in our district please visit the “about our blogs” page.

Kelly Villa
Supervisor of Instructional Technology
Jefferson Township Public Schools
973-697-3535 ext. 5843

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