Happy Penguin Day!


On Friday, January 20, 2012 our class celebrated Penguin Awareness Day.  For weeks we have been learning about different types of penguins and what makes them so interesting.  We have learned a lot of penguin facts but we were still left with some questions.

Thanks to Rebecca and Laura at the Penguin Project we were able to get answers.  Click the video below to watch our Skype session with these two penguin experts.  They made it to their offices at the University of Washington in Seattle despite a major snowstorm. We are so grateful for their time and knowledge!

Before our Skype session, we took the time to check out where they study penguins and learned they are working with Magellanic Penguins located in Punta Tombo, Argentina.  Unlike penguins from the South Pole, these penguins experience a change in seasons.  Right now, it is summer in Argentina.  

We especially loved reading about Turbo the Penguin and his amazing story of survival. 

Thank you Penguin Project! You have inspired us!

Turbo the Penguin


Did you learn something about penguins? Leave us a comment to share your new information.

9 Responses to “Happy Penguin Day!”

  • Great job Ms. Reichel! A very exciting lesson. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    Great group of students too!!!!

    Thank you,

  • Cynthia says:

    I love your happy penguin and I miss you very much.

  • Robin Knutelsky says:

    I really loved the wonderful questions that all the students were able to ask. Great job to all! What a wonderful way to foster a love of learning!!

  • Mark Schwarz says:

    Nice job, everybody!

    Mark Schwarz
    Supervisor of Social Studies

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Ms. Reichel’s class!

    Dr. Boersma and I looked in some of her penguin books to double-check the answer to John’s question, which penguin swims the fastest? The books said that emperors swim the fastest. How fast a penguin is able to swim is related to how long its flippers are. Longer flippers=faster penguin.

    I’m really excited to read your book!

  • Mrs. L. Pierson says:

    I thought your Penguin Skype was wonderful! I was happy that I knew some
    of the right answers already, and I was happy that I learned something new!

  • Malena says:

    Galapagos penguins get sun burn on thir feet.

  • Dee Boersma says:

    Penguins need people to speak up for their interests. By learning about penguins you will be better able to understand and help them survive in a world where human actions may harm them or help them. Keep up the learning. Good project Ms. Reichel.

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