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By mlevine June 16th, 2010, under Welcome Letter

Welcome to the 2015/2016 school year.

This blog will include assignments and information for the following classes.  USICP and USIICP.  Please see the tabs, links and posts for further information pertaining to classes.

If you would like to contact me please e mail me at


I check e mail daily.  I will not be communicating through the blog.  If you would like to phone me at the school the # is 973-697-3535.  E mail is the quickest way to get any answers or information you may need.

Please save the link below on your home and school computer.


The Blog will be updated with assignments weekly.  You will need to visit this Blog to keep up to date with US History.


The link to the online American Vision textbook can be accessed below.  The code that you will need to enter is


Link below



Facts on File password

username:  jthsfalcons    password:  jefferson

Ebsco password

username:  jefferson     password:  library

I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!

Talk to you soon


USIICP Book questions due Friday September 11th

By mlevine September 1st, 2015, under USIICP Assignments

Read pages 490 through 511 and answer questions one through seven on 495, 503 and 511 which will be due Friday September 11th.  (Counts 3 times)

USICP Book Questions due Thursday September 10th

By mlevine September 1st, 2015, under USICP Assignments

Please read page 54 through 73 and answer questions one through six on the following pages 61 and 73 which will be due Thursday September 10th. (Double HW Grade)

USIICP Primary Source a Strong Voice for Expansion due Tuesday September 8th

By mlevine September 1st, 2015, under USIICP Assignments

Read the following Primary Source and answer the questions on the back.  Highlight two parts of the reading that you feel most significant and write down and explain why you chose those sections.  You will share in groups what you have chosen.  Due Tuesday September 8th.

USIICP Imperialism Glog

By mlevine September 4th, 2014, under USIICP Assignments


USICP Road to Revolution Glog

By mlevine September 4th, 2014, under USICP Assignments


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