What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is the art of telling stories with a mix of images, text, recorded narration, video, or music. Images may consist of photos or student drawings that are captured.  Digital stories are a way for students to write in a way that is relevant to the way we live today.

Teachers who bring digital storytelling into the classroom are discovering what makes this vehicle for expression worth the effort. They watch students gain proficiency in writing and research, visual literacy, critical thinking, and collaboration. They see students take part in a range of learning styles. They also see students make authentic use of technology.

Successful implementation of this medium in the classroom has provided the following feedback:

  • Students are engaged. They are excited about writing
  • Students proofread their work because they know it is going to be published.
  • Students use better vocabulary. Hearing their writing narrated encourages them to improve their word selection.
  • Visual and auditory learners experience success in writing and comprehension.
  • Promotes collaboration among students as well as the sharing of knowledge between group members.
  • Promotes creativity and innovation which are 21st century skills.
  • Develops media literacy

How is it an effective learning tool?

Digital storytelling assists in developing the following sills:

  • Research skills
  • writing skills
  • organization skills
  • technology skills
  • presentation skills
  • interview skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • assessment skills

Digital storytelling promotes the development of the following:

  • digital literacy
  • global literacy
  • technology literacy
  • visual literacy
  • information literacy

What is the process?

  • Step 1 – Writing
  • Step 2 – Develop a Script
  • Step 3 – Storyboard
  • Step 4 – Find Resources
  • Step 5 – Create your Story
  • Step 6 – Share your Story

What do we use?

Microsoft Photo Story 3(down-loadable program) This free stand alone program from Microsoft for Windows XP offers a convenient way to create impressive multi-media slide shows with digital images. The step-by-step and wizard-driven process for creating slide-shows is straightforward and extremely easy to use. You simply import the photos or other images that you wish to use, then add text, special effects, audio narration, transitions, and music as appropriate.
There are two features of Photo Story 3 that stand out. First, there is the way the program pans each image to bring it to life and add dramatic effect. Then there is the music. You can import sound clips and/or record narration to accompany your show. Or, you can use Photo Story 3 to “create” your own musical sound track from a wide range of instrumentation, styles and moods.