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There are many resources available with information about the Civil War.  These have been selected as some of the best..

Use THESE websites to locate information:

The Civil War Home Page

American Civil War

Civil War Daily Gazette

Saving America’s Civil War Battlefields: Civil War Trust

Causes of the Civil War [Confederate Point of View]

History Central – The Civil War

The Civil War

Digital History – Civil War Site

The Civil War:  A Film by Ken Burns

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Photography of the Civil War

Keep track of the sites you used.

At the end of your research, you will be taking a survey to assess which ones were most helpful.

Newspaper Templates

Template #1

Template #2

Template #3

To complete the survey click on the link:

 WebCHECK survey

Mrs. Austin Period 4: Class ID is 178

Mrs. Austin Period 7: Class ID is 179

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