The following is a list of mathematics resources for students and parents. Each of these sites are web-based which allows access from home or school. Some of these sites require students to provide a username or password. These accounts will be provided by the students teacher.

Pearson Success NetGrade 3-5
Pearson success net offers all of our faculty and students access to an online version of our mathematics textbook. Students will receive a username and password from their teacher.

Study Island – Grade 2-8
Study Island offers web-based instruction, practice, assessment and reporting built from NJ state standards for mathematics and language arts. The rigorous academic content is both fun and engaging. Students will receive a username and password to access Study Island from their teacher.

Khan Academy – Grade 2-12

Khan Academy hosts over 1000 math and science video tutorials.  All of the videos are categorized and hosted on Youtube. The videos provide a very easy to follow explanation of basic and advanced topics. Salman explains these concepts in a manner that is attractive to students.  Each video is supplemented by software that dynamically generates exercises and captures data on student usage and progress. You can read this document to understand the vision of this site and to review student and teacher feedback. Another highlight on this site is the SAT review. Khan works out every problem found in a common SAT study guide. This is a free SAT study guide with step by step video tutorials!

Interactive Math Glossary – Grade 2-5

Math Facts – Interactive Websites – Grade K-5
This wiki maintains a list of interactive websites and games that provide practice with math facts.

CK-12 – Math & Science

All of the content is 100% free and curated by experienced educators. It includes:

  • 5000 Math and Science concepts.
  • 1,000+ Math and Science Interactives (Simulations and PLIX)
  • For Students: readings, videos, quizzes, sims, real world group activities, and more
  • 150 Flexbooks + 110k+ teacher re-mixes.
  • For Teachers: lesson plans, pacing guides, differentiation guides, in-class presentations, and more


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