Mrs. Corallo's English 11 CP


The purpose of the English 11, College Preparatory British Literature Curriculum is to present the students with information and skills to become successful, informed students and citizens.  The students’ study of theme and genre based literature will make them more well-rounded, informed, and open-minded individuals.  By studying many forms of British literature and through various writing requirements and assignments, the English 11, CP students become prepared not only for the next academic grade level, but for their college careers and beyond.  College preparatory writing will be stressed.

The course will cover many literary genres and themes and cover a time period of over 1500 years.  Through their studies of poetry, novels, dramas, and short stories, students will examine in depth such ideas such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship and will interrogate the relationship between past practices and the present. Writing as a process will be reinforced throughout ongoing writing activities throughout the year as well as through the student’s capstone research project.  Students will integrate technology when appropriate.

Through their practice of vocabulary, grammar, in-class writing and completing the research project, English 11, CP students will be able to write correctly, coherently, and with a purpose. In addition, lessons as well as both reading and writing activities throughout the year will also permit the students to exercise skills that will prepare them for their New Jersey state assessments that are a requirement for graduation. Through core, character values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, citizenship and caring, students will be encouraged to continue to define the world around them as these connect to reading, writing and word study.



Unit I: Trustworthiness

Unit II: Respect

Unit III: Responsibility

Unit IV: Fairness

Unit V: Caring

Unit VI: Citizenship

Unit VII: Capstone Research Project                                                            



  • Arrive to class on time.
    • Behave in class by following the proper class rules and procedures.
    • Be prepared for class with all required materials and assignments.
    • Demonstrate responsibility in class for all assignments and actions everyday.
    • Be productive and engaged in class in order to make full use of all class time.