Mrs. Corallo's English 10 CP


The purpose of the English 10 College Preparatory curriculum is to present an enlightening and challenging overview of American literature. Students will benefit from an awareness of history and how it impacts the literature of the day. Students are encouraged to question and discuss the attitudes and actions of many literary figures and relate them to the present. Through core, character values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, citizenship and caring, students will be encouraged to continue to define the world around them as these connect to reading, writing and word study.

This course will empower students with the necessary skills to become informed and successful students as well as productive citizens. The development of the United States politically, socially, culturally, and economically will be addressed through specific literary works and literary themes in the hope that students will gain awareness and a sense of responsibility to correct the injustices that have occurred throughout our history.

Students will develop their research skills through the creation of a capstone research paper focusing on a social concern. Additionally, students will utilize vocabulary, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening skills. Oral presentations and technology will be implemented as well as individual and group projects that will build on developing oral communication skills and people skills. Critical thinking skills will also be integrated into the English 10 CP program.

A test-taking unit is also a part of the sophomore program. Students will be introduced to the PSAT/HSPA test formats. The four types of reading that will be studied in depth are persuasive, workplace, narrative and informational text. Several types of essays will be evaluated in depth will be problem/solution, cause/effect, speculative and persuasive writing.

As students complete their sophomore year of English, they should have a firm knowledge of American authors as well as their works with an understanding of their impact on society.  Furthermore, students should have increased their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills to enable them to become independent, successful members of a literate society.



Unit I: Trustworthiness

Unit II: Respect

Unit III: Responsibility

Unit IV: Fairness

Unit V: Caring

Unit VI: Citizenship

Unit VII: Capstone Research Project                                                            


  • Arrive to class on time.
    • Behave in class by following the proper class rules and procedures.
    • Be prepared for class with all required materials and assignments.
    • Demonstrate responsibility in class for all assignments and actions everyday.
    • Be productive and engaged in class in order to make full use of all class time.