• I’m proud of you for choosing French 5 and look forward to teaching you in the fall.

    Take some time to unwind and enjoy the summer before diving into your assignment. There are several components and I strongly suggest you complete it in parts, instead of attempting to do it the night before school starts (which would be almost impossible).

    Everything will be completed on Moodle. If you have any questions, you may contact me via email at lcastiglionecangelosi@jefftwp.org .

    Amusez-vous bien cet été et vive la francophonie!

    Mme Castiglione-Cangelosi

    Required Materials:

    1. French verbs book (suggested: Barron’s 601 French Verbs)

    2. French/English Dictionary (suggested: Larousse)

    Recommended Website Resources

    www.wordreference.com (dictionary only)

    http://www.laits.utexas.edu/tex/gr/ (grammar reference)

    Self enrolment
  • Français 5 Honors

    French 5 Honors continues the communicative competence goals of French 4. Students enrich vocabulary, comprehension, and composition using sources in French literature and culture. Fine points of grammar are practiced. Course content focuses on an overview of history, culture, and literature from the origins of France to the 20th century.

    Self enrolment
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