• This laboratory course is primarily designed for the college-bound student who may or may not be majoring in science. The basic concepts of chemistry and the related math skills will be taught so that the proficient student will be able to complete a college chemistry course. Applications of many of the major topics will be integrated into the laboratory work to further reinforce important material.

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  • This course is designed for the motivated student who might be considering a career in a science related field. The curriculum includes the coverage of chemical theories and concepts which will be combined with quantitative applications and problem solving activities. The objectives of this course are the development of critical thinking skills, appropriate study habits, a knowledge of safe laboratory procedures, and an application between science and technology. Successful completion of a summer assignment will be required.

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  • This course is the second year follow up sequence to Honors Chemistry. It follows a first year college chemistry curriculum. Students will be required to do a summer assignment and spend extra time in laboratory work. Considerable daily preparation on the part of the student is required to succeed in this comprehensive curriculum. Students will be strongly encouraged to take the national AP Chemistry exam at the completion of the course.


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